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PrivacyLab GDPR is the cloud software that allows companies, organizations and professionals to manage easily and completely all the requirements of the European regulation on the privacy and avoid the sanctions of the authority.

Verify the security of personal data processed

PrivacyLab GDPR guides you in the risk assessment process and, through a guided procedure, allows you to determine the measures necessary to correctly process personal data and avoid sanctions. Use PrivacyLab to process risk analysis, impact assessment (DPIA) and manage data breaches.

Monitor the entire process of data processing

PrivacyLab GDPR allows you to correctly configure the management of data in your possession and, through a detailed procedure, helps you to keep under control your organizational structure. Use PrivacyLab to monitor the lawfulness of the treatments and verify their security.

Produce all the necessary documentation

PrivacyLab GDPR generates treatment records, appointment records and contracts and, through an intuitive system, allows you to store and track all the documents produced. Use PrivacyLab to properly inform stakeholders, collect consent and generate cookie policy.

PrivacyLab automatically updates itself to the current legislation and is already compliant with the new European regulation 2016/679 on data protection.

PrivacyLab is a service designed and developed to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. Since 2004 it has been chosen by many companies and professionals to easily and completely manage all the formalities required by law and to receive advice and qualified training. The PrivacyLab software automatically updates to the current legislation on privacy and data security and with the GDPR version already incorporates the provisions of the new European regulation 2016/679.